Meet Willow

Tonic & Willow are my two cats. Tonic is calico Tortie and Willow is a tuxedo cat with a white mustache. Today I’ll be telling you about my “first born”.


Willow basking in the sun

I adopted Willow in 2017 when she was only 6 weeks old. A friend found her walking around in the parking lot and then took her to animal control. Luckily for me the animal control was about a 5 minute drive from my work so I picked her up and took her home within a week.


When it comes to her personality she’s typical cat. She’s not really impulsive and thinks carefully before she jumps or commits to something somewhat risky. She gets along super well with other cats. Though when she meets these new cats she growls a lot, she ends up being the more submissive of the group.

Willow is a super agreeable cat, though, she’s not one to approach people she doesn’t know. When she was the only cat in the household she was much more likely to approach you. But with Tonic being added to the mix, she’s lost a bit of her “human friendliness”.

Willow is super curious! The instant I put a new scratching post out , she’s the first one to investigate and see what everything is.

She’s such a secure cat she rarely runs away unless I REALLY force her to cuddle and snuggle with me. She will of course respond to me in kind with attacking my face.

All in all she’s super sweet kitty!

-love Brennan

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Brennan is a cat/dog fanatic. She spends her free time watching trashy reality tv and listening to podcasts

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