A and Be Bridals

A and Be Bridal

The opening of this beautiful bridal shop just outside the downtown area is something that has been on everyone's lips lately. What makes it so unique? Well, for one thing there is not a single dress here with unnecessary flourishes or frills- everything about these stunning creations simply screams sleek and modern!

What I love most about this bridal shop is their alignment with Cirque91 Photography's core values. They value authenticity whether is the experience they offer brides to the promises they make, the baseline is always authenticity. The comport themselves with honestly and the joy of celebrating other in their unique personality.

They're always trying to improve and grow. They actively seek out and discover new ways to grow. This brings values to everything around them, including their community, collections and processes.

They truly believe in their community. We're all in this together.

And my personal favorite is fun. They keep lighthearted in remembering love, it's the entire point. Your wedding is an event that is undeniable fun and meant to bring joy. They as well as I are honored to be allowed to spend your day along side you in some way!

Reign Beauty NC

When it comes to beauty, there's nothing more modern and minimal than a refined look. This is exactly what you'll find at Reign Beauty; the company specializes in creating this specific aesthetic for clients who want their hair or makeup done just right!

This means that their hair styles lean toward the more traditional, but certainly not boring. The boast the The makeup artists at the salon are experts in making you look your most beautiful. They will apply light, natural-looking layers to create an elegant and glamorous style for any occasion - whether it's a wedding or a boudoir shoot!

The Shoot

This coming year, the latest Spring 2022 bridal style is going to be pearls. We saw hints of this last year but I fully believe it'll come back in full swing!

The Dresses

The ideal wedding dress should be one that flatters your figure, regardless of what type you are. All women deserve to look their best on such an important day and this can only happen with the perfect gown for them! The stunning designs available at A and B Bridal make it easy; they've got everything from classic ballgowns down to sexy modified silhouettes so everyone will find something they love.

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