What’s up you guys. I’m just a middle millennial that was gifted my first DSLR camera by my father 10 years ago. This is one of the many ways we bonded. We go out and document events together.

July of 2019, I made it official. I started by business and started full speed ahead. I developed my process when I moved to Spain to teach English as a second language.

My husband and I during our elopement

 There, I truly immersed myself in experiencing the moments and collecting memories of the most beautiful backdrops and locations. Not only for me to remember but, so that when I returned home, I could share those memories with those that weren’t there with me. Capturing a brief snippet of the moment with just the right camera angle truly shared the story. It’s captivating, it invokes emotion.

Your going to look back at your wedding with a fondness similar to my time in Spain. It will be special no matter what. The focus is about celebrating two people ceremonially unifying their lives.

You want your wedding photography and videography to not only look  fantastic but to nostalgically remind you of all the emotions that you were feeling at that moment in time.

Make sure you find someone that makes you feel at ease. Your deepest desire is to connect and to proudly share these family heirlooms to all that are close to you. To make them feel as if they were a participant rather than just an observer. I know you guys have a story to tell. Allow me to tell it beautifully!

I am inspired by the beauty of the moment, the subtlety of emotions, and the vulnerability of humans
Thierry Joubert

Random tidbits

Absolutely not, I’d be rehearsing the rest of the day

We march to the beat of our own drums, love scenic vistas, love to travel

Moving to Spain, not knowing anybody at all!

My overall health. I’m so blessed to be happy and healthy

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