Elopement in Warrenton, NC

Warrenton, North Carolina

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, I drove up to the town of Warrenton,NC. Located in the top half of North Carolina, it's a quaint little ton of a popular ion no more than 1,200 residents.

I attended a styled shoot by the ever talented Samantha. This venue is PERFECT for a couple looking to host an intimate reception but with unique flair not found anywhere else.

Inclusive Wedding Venue

A Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whiteley and was a referred to as the "Cotton Engine". It efficiently separated cotton fibers from their seed.

The Old Cotton Gin

The owners of the Old Cotton Gin wanted to revitalize and lovingly restore this venue as a way to honor it's history. This venue is VERY inclusive and welcomes all couple to enjoy their space with their friends and family. Without further ado, here of the photos from the styled shoot!


Venue: The Old Cotton Gin

201 S Hall St, Warrenton, NC 27589

Florist: Sweet Love Blossoms 

Cake Artist: Sweet Haven Bakery 

Custom Invitations: CK Creations

Wedding Coordinator: Rose Gold Bridal Events

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