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Embrace Your Feminine + Radiating Beauty

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She was able to have me bursting out laughing

“I hired Brennan to do a boudoir after going to her for a couple’s shoot! I was super nervous it’s be awkward to do a boudoir based on the styles I wanted, but she made it so fun and I was so relaxed and got some amazing shots. She was able to have me bursting out laughing, brought out my confidence and really helped bring the photos to life! I’d definitely recommend using Brennan for your boudoir or any photography you’re looking to have done, since she has literally gone above and beyond for me both times I’ve gone to her!”

Boudoir is a celebration of you — all of you

It’s your invitation to let loose, release control, lean into trust, and fully embrace who you are in this moment — every curve, every scar, and every perfect imperfection that makes you who you are.

This experience is emotive and empowering all wrapped up into one, and will propel you forward into more self-love as you reclaim the vulnerable pieces of yourself you tucked away.

I welcome you to return home to yourself with this session.

dark haired female in bridal lingerie looking out the window

"She communicated very well and gave clear directions on position/placement that looked best. I was super nervous because I had never done something so vulnerable before, but I felt so comfortable with her, and she made everything so easy. I highly recommend Brennan for any and all shoots you may want, she can do it all!"

"I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my 30th birthday, and Brennan DELIVERED!"


can i tell you a secret?

Every single woman who walks into the studio feels nervous before her session and leaves feeling so happy she did this for herself.

It’s why we start with a hype playlist, a glass of champagne, and with you fully clothed when you step in front of the camera.

There is no pressure from me, and I encourage you to release it from yourself.

Boudoir has a way of unlocking a new sense of self inside you — it channels a feeling of deeper confidence and beauty into your world that’s always existed, but most of the time, we’re too busy to notice it.

Throughout the whole process, I will be right there with you doing the poses and providing any guidance you need. This experience is empowering and freeing, and allows you to see yourself in a different light.

Create space for your celebration of self-love as you bloom into your next-level self

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