Old Lystra Inn Wedding

Whimsical and colorful, this magical garden party was created for two by the talented Eva of Emily Katherine Events.

Wedding Design

The design was colorful and playful with an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Event Flouret's vibrant bouquet added the perfect amount of flair for this special event! Invitations by Kaleh Sampson Designs set the tone for an unforgettable spring experience, with a tea party in paradise. Old Lystra Inn perfectly captured this feeling and their historic house made it even better!

The Bride and Groom

The bride's outfit was a playful mix of vintage and modern, with an off-the shoulder crop top that showed off her shoulders decorously paired together by tulle skirt from Borrowed & Beautiful Bridal. She ended the look in high heels shaped like sharp points to match both what she wore on her head as well as other accessories such pointed pink heels decorated throughout its length including at either end where they attach via ribbon ankle wraps which add extra bling without being too overwhelming!

With a soft, whimsical makeup and waves of flowers that adorned her hair, everything fell just right to frame her face in perfect quaffed shapes - you can't help but smile when looking at this beautiful beaming bride. Deseree was absolutely radiant with elegant jewelry from Hamilton Hill Jewelry to add a charming vintage touch, including rings and earrings. Her necklace glittered as she walked down the aisle towards her groom-to be!

The groom flaunted a casual charm with khaki pants, a white button-down shirt, and his hair braided away from his face.

"It was exciting to see everything come together in the final product! It was fun to see things slowly transform from your original idea. At first, I thought I wanted to do a Mad Hatter theme for the tea party, but once seeing the selection from Southern Vintage Table, I couldn’t resist going more whimsical with it."

Eva with Emily Katherine Events

The Ceremony

The joyous ceremony took place at an elegant white pergola embellished with climbing vines and more beautiful flowers, courtesy of Event Flouret.

Sweetheart Table/ Reception

The reception area was set in a field, and from the reflection of my mirror you could see the gorgeously calligraphied saying: “Welcome to our wedding. Come let us have some tea and continue on this happy journey together!"

The eclectic place settings included entree plates wrapped with napkins, topped by saucers and teacups. The centerpiece contained candelabras in addition to small vibrant floral arrangements for this whimsical tea party that was being held at someone's home on the occasion of their birthday! At one end sat a cake tray featuring sweet treats provided by Sweet Haven Bakery while books sat lined up neatly next to it as an offering from those who know what makes them happy - reading itself

“When eloping you can still make it your own! You can make it a fun theme and make it a grand affair or simple. Eloping is not less than! Never be ashamed to want what you want. It’s your day! You and your partner are the only ones that matter,”

Eva with Emily Katherine Events

The Vendors

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