Durham Courthouse Elopement

Durham Courthouse Elopement

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I've got another heartwarming elopement for you guys today! The adorable couple consists of Peter & Emily, two people that anyone would love to know.

Their "wedding" day was truly special and unique. Even before COVID they knew that they wanted to share their union with their closest friends and family.
The bride's dress was seriously awesome, too. And I'm not just saying that! Emily had her dress custom made. She also had a coordinating mask to complete her attire.

We had a lot of fun taking postnuptial photographs, as well. They tied the knot at the Durham County Courthouse, had newly wed photographs at the Tobacco Campus, and their reception was a quaint Airbnb that they decorated, ordered lunch and spent time with those who were able to travel to North Carolina to celebrate with them.

Elopement at the Durham County Courthouse

“[She was] amazing. We absolutely love Brennan's eye for beautiful candid photographs of our friends. She's also just a wonderful person all around; very easy to talk to and reliable, and made me feel confident that things would go well (at least, even if they didn't, it would have nothing to do with photographs!). The actual day-of was hectic, but Brennan navigated our group and flurried activities extremely smoothly. thank you Brennan!!,” says Emily.

Okay, let's get to the pictures! Peter & Emily were such a delight to work with and I wish them many wonderful years to come.

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