Roger’s Family Fall Session

Welcome back you beautiful people!
I recently had a freaking fantastic session with the Roger’s family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either. What was funny was that their dog was also named Theo! What are the chances?

We met at their new slightly developed lot where their new custom house was being built. I loved shooting at their future home lot because it was special to Megan & Kevin seeing as how it’s their first home.

For our shoot, the Rogers’s were going for a warm fall look. Deep reds, oranges, and soft beige to give a natural somewhat romantic vibe. They coordinated based on texture and tones but not too matchy. Megan loved her skirt and the Violet’s overalls, they were playful but also not high maintenance. She especially wanted everyone to feel comfortable. It’s easy to see the outfits they chose MADE this shoot, which really made for some amazing photos.

It truly was an amazing photo shoot. And if any of you are considering a family session or are prepping for an upcoming session, heed the words of Megan:

“I think with toddlers (and maybe even husbands!), it’s important to get them in the mindset for the shoot ahead of time and be very specific with them what will be happening and what you’re attempting to accomplish. When they are part of the process, you eliminate the surprise factor that can quickly turn into complete rejection. I talked the shoot up with Violet for about a week and we practiced our smiles and poses in the mirror and made it fun! I think its also important to remind yourself throughout the process too that you are taking the initiative and making the investment in professional photography. Being vocal about what you’re hoping to achieve with your photographer is equally as important so you both are on the same page come shoot day. That way they can apply their creative expertise to the overall vision and come shoot day there’s a shared understanding of how the shots will be produced and you can maximize your time,” she says. Solid advice!

Okay, on to pictures of the Rogers family!

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