The Meadows Summer Showcase 2019

first wedding showcase

I by chance happened upon this event on I immediately called up Chelsea (you guys should recognize her face by now. She's one of my main brand ambassadors) and we drove up to the Meadows. It's situated in the most gorgeous location right in the heart of Raleigh. They are a 115 acre nature preserve that has multiple options and venues. They also have several locations for you to get married and depending on the vibe you're going for.

I have a new appreciation for florists

Walking around I was just taken with all the gorgeous flower arrangements. I've always enjoyed looking at flowers but the time and effort to arrange them; the care that's put into making sure they look their best. I'm just simply in awe.

the decor throughout was stunning

No matter where you went on the grounds of The Meadows, it was picturesque and stunning. All the different buildings for brides, grooms and their wedding parties were furnished and every last detail was consciously executed.

I wasn't able to get pictures of all the decor

But the few pictures I got had such charm and personality. I think my favorite part of the venue was the area for the groom to get ready. It was the ultimate chic bachelor pad. It had a gambling table and was all around masculine and rustic.

I realized after culling through my images...

That I only got pictures of the flowers. I wanted to get better pictures of the vibe and landscape but I got overwhelmed with all the details that I forgot to. That's something that I do need to focus on in the future, is photographing the scenery of an area. It gives you a better idea of how everything is situated.

Favorite ceremony spot

This was my favorite area by far. The logs on the ground as seating, the fixture on the tree in the back. Even the pathway down the isle was covering in boho rugs. Every last detail was though of. I especially like the candles with the bar on them as well.

The Mood Fleuriste

I loved the hint of topicality that can be seen if you look closely. This set up was just a short distance from the past ceremony area. It had much more open vibe to it. There was also a barn that you could see in the back.

Stunning Venue

I had no idea something like the Meadows was secretly tucked away in Raleigh. It was a pleasant surprise to feel like you left the city for a bit and found a little bit of the openness you'd feel in a more rural area. I met a few vendors there that I loved and several photographers that I look up to immensely! I can't wait to go back to the Meadows for their Winter Showcase!

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