bride and groom kiss on rocks and waterfall in front of union grove barn

Union Grove Farm Wedding

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Summer weddings are a magical time filled with love and joy. And if you're planning your big day at the beautiful Union Grove Farm wedding venue, you're in for a treat! Today, we want to share some insights into capturing those special moments at a lowkey summer wedding.

Choosing the right photographer can make a huge difference in preserving the memories of your special day. As a Raleigh wedding photographer, it's essential to have a genuine passion for documenting every moment in a fun and candid way.

At a lowkey summer wedding, it's all about capturing the raw emotions and natural beauty that surrounds you. We take pride in our documentary-style photography approach, which allows us to tell your story in an elegant and timeless manner. No stiff poses or forced smiles here – just genuine moments frozen in time.

One of the best things about Union Grove Farm is its picturesque landscapes. From the blooming flowers to the rustic charm of the venue, every element contributes to creating stunning backdrops for your wedding photos. We love incorporating these beautiful surroundings into our shots, highlighting the romance and intimacy of your special day.

Furthermore, summer weddings offer an abundance of natural light, which makes for dreamy and ethereal photographs. Our experienced photographers know how to work with this light, ensuring that you and your partner are always the focus. The effortless glow of a summer evening adds a touch of magic to each frame.

When photographing lowkey summer weddings, we understand the importance of blending seamlessly with your guests. Our goal is to capture those candid and heartfelt moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. From the laughter shared during heartfelt speeches to the stolen glances between you and your partner, every little detail matters.

Finally, we believe that your wedding photos should not only reflect the love and happiness of your special day but also serve as a beautiful reminder for years to come. By combining our documentary approach with an elegant and timeless style, we guarantee that your wedding album will stand the test of time.

So, if you're dreaming of a lowkey summer wedding at Union Grove Farm, let us be there to capture every blissful moment. Our passion lies in documenting your unique love story – in a way that reflects the fun, candor, elegance, and timelessness of your special day.


Planner: An Event to Remember

Venue: Union Grove Barn

Rentals: American Party Rentals

Dish Rentals: Southern Vintage Table (I've worked with Southern Vintage Table quite a few times.)

Caterer: Southern Harvest

Cake: Tiffany Anderson

Mini Pies: Mama Corie’s Confections

Bartender: Celebration Sidekicks

Bar Set Up: Pinola Bar

Florist: Lings Moment

Hair: Stefanie Branson Hair Studio

Make Up: Kris Bright Beauty

Officiant: Tie the Knot with Torri

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