Vendor Highlight: Jillian Rose Events

Jillian Rose Events

Jillian Rose Events is a new company operating in the North Carolina area. They offer planning services for weddings and other types of events, with their Full-Service package being perfect if you're looking to handle a few things yourself while still having someone to guide you and can answer any questions or assist your team when needed!

Owned and Operated by Jillian Higgins

Jillian Rose Events is a new event planning company started in October 2020 by Jillian Higgins. They provide their clients with excellent customer service, which I experienced firsthand. I was thrilled to be able to capture some of these moments on camera at our past styled shoot held last month in Raleigh--at the Maxwell no less... And you'll want this info too: they're also open nearly year-round (although holidays specific hours vary), which means there's always time if your plan has suddenly evolved into something more than just dinner parties with friends or holiday light tours around town

Mission Statement

Jillian Rose Event’s main mission is to be a luxury wedding planning company with a girl-next-door personality.

Services Offered

Jillian Rose Events offers a variety of services. Full Service, Partial and Destination Wedding Planning

Partial Wedding Planning

The partial planning package is the perfect way for you to hand off any remaining wedding day details and still have an amazing experience. With this service, Jilllian will manage all of your vendors so that they know what's expected from them on big days like yours!

This includes creating her signature timeline with everything in order step-bystep instructions about where things should go at each stage; ensuring every single vendors follows these guidelines precisely (and not just some!) Plus:  The backbone behind it all- her handling anything else which may come up along. She will make sure the details go off without a hitch so you can sit back, relax and be pampered for your big day.

Full Service Wedding Planning

Jillian Rose Event’s full-service planning package is perfect for anyone and everyone because, unlike many other wedding professionals, she doesn’t just offer one size fits all packages that don't take into account what you want or need as a couple. With her customized service tailored to your needs she can help make sure everything goes off without any hiccups!

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet daunting task. With Jillian, couples have the opportunity to design and create their own unique vision for this special day- she will offer professional guidance throughout your planning process so that everything falls into place beautifully!

This package offers clients the ultimate combination of event planning and design. You'll be able to work with her team throughout the entire time leading up to the day, including budget assistance from start-to finish as well as vendor recommendations based on what you need for success! She also offers collaboration when it comes down creating a gorgeous space that meets every detail of yours - all while staying within budget at every step along the way.

Destination Wedding Planning

Jillian Rose Event's wedding destination planning package is perfect for any bride looking to make their big day a weekend affair! With her custom service, she provides services from start-to finish. She allows you the freedom of creating your own vision while guiding and assisting with its execution - all in order that everything comes together seamlessly on Saturday evening or Sunday morning (or both!).
Just about every aspect of a wedding is covered by Jillian Rose Events. From the welcome reception to help with planning your farewell brunch, this company has you covered from start to finish!

With a team of experts traveling to your destination, you can relax and enjoy yourself. The unlimited access means that we will be there for all aspects - from planning with vendors on site or meeting any needs away from the venue as well!


I know I'll be recommending Jillian Rose Events’s Designing and Planning in the future, and I suggest you hurry in, too!




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